Mystery Objects #1

These are the first group of mystery objects – hope you can help with information as to where they might be now; where they came from; when they can be dated to; or anything else that you may know about them. Thanks for looking.67994_551193624966714_343212097_n (2)

I assume this one is in a museum collection or possibly an art gallery

554715_344036412349104_380854272_n (2)

This is an unusual gravestone – do you recognise it?


Beautiful effigy – quite distinctive

1455134_543491582403585_1724900526_n (2)

Church façade – again very distinctive


Old gravestone

1463205_563063950446348_1205986522_n      Unusual rosette in old stone wall


From a museum collection – but where? These rosettes are probably inlays for furniture

1476312_556516791101064_1677956273_n 1488011_556516764434400_1117257553_n









Two carved stone panels. They look as though they are from the same place. Does anyone know where?

1551605_562864497132960_1360439194_nFinally, this carved architrave over a wooden panelled door – again, where is it?

Many thanks for looking at these images and hope you recognise some of them. Please add a comment if you can help.





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