New Paper added to Academia Page

I’ve added a revised version of the paper I presented at GAO Conference 2015, Oxford ‘Transition and Bridging the Divide: New Approaches to Archaeological Investigation’ March 2015 to my page. The paper, titled ‘Crossing the Divide: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Cross-Cultural and Cross-Temporal Research’ discusses the benefits of using a multi-disciplinary approach in my rosette research. You can download a copy at




About cherylhart

I am a compulsive 'rosette hunter' as you will soon find out if you follow my posts. I am in the final stages of my PhD in which I have examined and analysed the rosette motif across the Eastern Mediterranean region during the Bronze and Iron Ages. You can follow my research in more detail on my Academia page. As 'The Rosette Lady' I will be extending my rosette search across cultures worldwide and across ten millennia, from around 8000 BC to the present day. Hope you enjoy the journey.
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