Welcome to The Rosette Lady

The name for this site came about when last year, on a research trip, I was introduced to an eminent academic simply by my first name, to which she immediately replied ‘Oh, you’re The Rosette Lady’!!!

My fascination with the rosette motif began around eleven or twelve years ago, and has continued into my doctoral research which is now rapidly – perhaps too rapidly – coming to an end. The last few years have been an eventful – at times stressful – but ultimately highly enjoyable trawl round museums, storerooms, archaeological sites, and library archives across the Aegean, Near East and Egypt. Well, it’s a hard life but someone has to do it, as they say.

On the pages which will follow over the months to come, I will share my obsession for the rosette motif and take you on a worldwide journey to explore its enduring use for almost ten millennia. My travels through time and culture will mostly be of academic interest, but there will be some light-hearted moments on the way. I’ll be sharing some of the steps I’ve taken, and will continue to take, in my continued search for the rosettes and my exploration of their imagery, contexts, and significance. I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

Follow my research at https://lamp.academia.edu/CherylHart






About cherylhart

I am a compulsive 'rosette hunter' as you will soon find out if you follow my posts. I am in the final stages of my PhD in which I have examined and analysed the rosette motif across the Eastern Mediterranean region during the Bronze and Iron Ages. You can follow my research in more detail on my Academia page. As 'The Rosette Lady' I will be extending my rosette search across cultures worldwide and across ten millennia, from around 8000 BC to the present day. Hope you enjoy the journey.
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