Abstract for workshop paper added to Academia

I’ve added a new abstract for a paper I’ll be giving in a workshop which I’m convening at BANEA 2016.  The workshop titled ‘Liminal Spaces – Transitions between Land, Sea & Sky in the Ancient Near East’ will explore transitional zones between land, sea and sky, focussing in particular on the concept of liminality or liminal spaces.The aim of the workshop will be to consider liminal zones from the perspective of vision and visuality– seeing beyond what is immediately visible – together with the cognitive aspects through which the visual experience can be interpreted. My paper ‘Crossing Liminal Spaces – Boundaries, Thresholds, Gates, and Doors: The Role of the Rosette Motif’ will explore the use of the rosette motif in transitional or liminal zones such as architectural thresholds, doors and gateways in the ancient Near East. I will be analysing evidence from such monumental architectural gateways as the Ishtar Gate which is extensively bordered with rosette motifs, as well as carved threshold slabs from  the entrances of the Neo-Assyrian palaces.

Picture1            Picture2

Ishtar Gate from Babylon, now in Pergamon Museum, Berlin


Threshold slab from North Palace of Ashurbanipal at Nineveh

The paper will also detail the modern practice of protecting thresholds to houses in southern India by decorating them with Kolam designs – any of them featuring rosette motifs.

You can find the abstract for this paper at https://www.academia.edu/19788371/Abstract_Crossing_Liminal_Spaces_Boundaries_Thresholds_Gates_and_Doors_The_Role_of_the_Rosette_Motif

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Invitation to participate in Researcher Links workshop

I am honoured (and thrilled) to have been personally invited as a discussant in a Researcher Links workshop hosted by British Academy, British Council and British Institute of Persian Studies to be held at Universities of Edinburgh and St. Andrews – all expenses paid.  This makes all the long hours spent on my research all the more worthwhile.

Am I going – you bet I am.

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Two new conference presentations – abstracts for papers

I’ve added a new abstract for a paper I’ll be giving in a workshop ‘The Throne in Art and Archaeology from the Dawn of the Ancient Near East until the Late Medieval Period’ to be held at 10 ICAANE conference in Vienna in April 2016. My paper – entitled ‘Royal Flower Power? An Examination of the Rosette Motif as an Iconographic Element of Thrones and Their Decoration in the Ancient Eastern Mediterranean – will argue that the use of the rosette motif in association with either images of thrones, or as a decorative elements of the thrones themselves, acted symbolically, as a means of non-verbal communication, to enhance or promote the right of the incumbent to the ‘throne’. You  can find the full abstract at https://www.academia.edu/14186209/Royal_Flower_Power_An_Examination_of_the_Rosette_Motif_as_an_Iconographic_Element_of_Thrones_and_their_Decoration_in_the_Ancient_Eastern_Mediterranean

I’m also going to be giving another paper at the ICAANE conference and I’ve just revised the title of the abstract on Academia – you can find this one at https://www.academia.edu/14186658/REVISED_TITLE_-_Abstract_-_The_Role_of_the_Rosette_Motif_and_Non-Verbal_Communication_as_Embodied_Elements_of_Warfare_and_Violence_Ancient_Cyprus_a_Unique_Case

With two papers to present it looks like being a busy conference!!


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Update added to Academia.edu

I have added an updated article on my ‘The Rosette Lady’ websites to my Academia.edu page. You can see the new article at https://www.academia.edu/13974187/Update_to_Rosette_Lady_Websites


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What – where – when?

I’ve added a new page called Mystery Objects that I would like you help with. I have acquired these photos over the years but don’t know anything about the objects they show so I’m hoping you may recognise some of them. You will find the first collection of objects on the menu under ‘Mystery Objects’.  You’ll also find a further collection on my ‘Rosette Lady’ Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Rosette-Lady/757705117678393?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

1455134_543491582403585_1724900526_n (2)1234373_522658624486881_638427249_n

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Another new paper added to Academia.edu

I’ve added an extended and revised version of the paper I presented at ‘Crossroads II, or There and Back Again’ Conference in Prague September 2014 to my Academia.edu page. The paper, titled ‘An Analysis of the Iconographic Rosette Motif as a Means of Non-Verbal Communication: A Case Study – The Rosette Motif and its Association with Solar Symbolism’ was the final one of a series of three relating to the rosette motif and solar symbolism. This paper discusses the role of the rosette motif in association with other symbols which are said to signify the sun. You can read or download a copy at https://www.academia.edu/13593099/An_Analysis_of_the_Iconographic_Rosette_Motif_as_a_Means_of_Non-Verbal_Communication_A_Case_Study_The_Rosette_Motif_and_its_Association_with_Solar_Symbolism


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New Paper added to Academia Page

I’ve added a revised version of the paper I presented at GAO Conference 2015, Oxford ‘Transition and Bridging the Divide: New Approaches to Archaeological Investigation’ March 2015 to my Academia.edu page. The paper, titled ‘Crossing the Divide: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Cross-Cultural and Cross-Temporal Research’ discusses the benefits of using a multi-disciplinary approach in my rosette research. You can download a copy at https://www.academia.edu/13387156/Crossing_the_Divide_A_Multi-Disciplinary_Approach_to_Cross-Cultural_and_Cross-Temporal_Research



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